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What Are the Penalties in Washington For Driving With Expired Tags?

Posted - 03/28/2012

Residents of Washington state must have their vehicles registered and licensed in order to legally drive them on the roads. If you find yourself unsure of how to register your car, contact a professional vehicle registration company for assistance. A professional vehicle registration company can help you to understand what kind of information you need and what type of tags are required for your particular automobile.

Those who are found driving in Washington with expired tags is considered a traffic infraction. Most traffic infractions are punishable by fines not totaling more than $250. Vehicles may be impounded if they are parked on public streets and display tags that have been expired for more than 45 days.

Renewing license plates that have expired can be a tricky situation. The registrant may owe taxes, fees, and certain penalties for the renewal of licenses that have already expired. This could depend upon how far beyond the expiration date the registrant chooses to renew his or her license. Furthermore, the state of Washington has special requirements for some types of vehicles. This can depend upon factors such as the age of your car or the county in which you reside. Contact a professional vehicle registration company
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